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Heijoshin Dojo has been serving Bay Shore and the surrounding communities for over ten years. We offer a modern, fully matted facility with air conditioning, private changing facilities, a lobby/waiting area with a video monitor of our training floor, and plenty of free parking.

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Hei - Steady / Jo - Always / Shin - Inner Essence

Heijoshin is the concept of the whole inner being of a person being continually at peace. Heijoshin, true peace of mind, is probably best understood not as a single attribute, but as a combination - or rather the culmination - of several character traits. Each of the aspects that together create heijoshin take years of effort, experience and accomplishment to develop, making heijoshin the product of a lifetime of patient training.

To achieve genuine peace of mind requires focus on three key areas, (1) the intellect, (2) the emotions (3) that indefinable element that we often call “character” or “integrity”. These three areas must be developed in balance. The ultimate objective of heijoshin is the same as the ultimate objective of the martial arts - to help each individual reach his or her full potential, and thereby improve society as a whole.

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